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We think differently about sustainability reporting.

Spreadsheets are useful for many things, but when it comes to measuring impact from energy efficiency and sustainability programs they probably come up short. Our online platform simplifies and streamlines data management by gathering data automatically.

This makes your reporting intuitive and actionable. Now you can focus more on implementing cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Schedule a demo if you want to:

  • Save Time - automate and manage all utility data in one easy to use platform. No more spreadsheets, monthly uploads or manual data entry!
  • Save Resources - monitor your resource usage with real-time visibility that lets you easily identify and implement on cost-saving tactics without compromising comfort.
  • Track Sustainability - seamlessly sync your facilities with ENERGY STAR® to benchmark performance and show off the financial, social, and environmental impact of your sustainability efforts.

Schedule your chat with us! Our experts will explain the JadeTrack tool, provide guidance and answer any questions.

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